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Save money making web videos

Here are some tips for saving money when making a web video:

  • Use your smartphone camera. Modern smartphone cameras can shoot great quality HD video. Just make sure you hold the phone steady and film in landscape orientation.

  • Rely on natural lighting. Position yourself facing a window or go outside during the daytime. Natural lighting is usually more flattering than harsh indoor lights.

  • Do your own editing. Basic video editing apps like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker are free and easy to learn. Or use the editing software that likely came with your smartphone.

  • Borrow equipment if needed. Ask friends or family if you can borrow things like a tripod, microphone, lighting kit, etc.

  • Find free royalty-free music. Sites like Free Music Archive and Free Stock Music provide copyright-free tunes you can use as background music.

  • Use props and locations you already have access to. No need to rent a production studio. Shoot in your home or outside and use stuff you already own as props.

  • Do your own voiceover. Paying a professional voice actor can get expensive. Record your own narration with a decent microphone.

  • Avoid stock footage. Purchasing stock clips, animations and templates adds up. See if you can tell the story without them.

  • Consider bartering skills. If you need help with certain aspects, see if you can find someone willing to trade skills and work for free.

  • Hire a web creator to help with the editing and uploading.

The key is to focus on great content rather than high-end production. With some creativity, you can make an engaging video on a budget.

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