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How to use AI in picture editing

Here are some ways to use AI in picture editing:

  • Enhancement - Use AI algorithms to improve image quality by reducing noise, increasing resolution, adjusting colors, etc. Popular tools like Topaz Labs use AI for photo enhancement.

  • Restoration - AI can help restore old or damaged photos by filling in missing areas, correcting colors, removing scratches etc. Apps like Remini use AI to restore faces in old photos.

  • Stylization - Apply different art styles to photos using neural style transfer techniques. Apps like Prisma convert photos to various painting styles.

  • Generation - Use generative AI models like DALL-E 2 to create original images from text prompts or edit/combine existing images in creative ways.

  • Object removal - Remove unwanted objects from photos through inpainting techniques using AI. Apps like RemoveBG can automatically remove backgrounds.

  • Colorization - Add color to old black and white photos with AI colorization models. Tools like DeOldify can produce realistic colorizations.

  • Upsampling - Increase resolution of low-res images with AI upscalers like Gigapixel AI that can hallucinate plausible detail.

  • Cropping - AI powered auto-cropping can identify and recommend optimal crops for images.

  • Editing workflows - Use AI capabilities within editing apps like Photoshop, Luminar AI, GIMP to streamline editing with automatic enhancements.

  • Image captioning - Automate caption generation for images using AI algorithms.

The key is choosing the right AI tools based on your needs and integrating them into your editing workflow for enhanced creativity and productivity. Start experimenting to see what works for your use

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