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How to set your prices to be profitable!

Are you working with too many clients and not making enough money, or too few customers and not knowing what to charge to be profitable.

Here's how to set your prices...

Step 1 List out & tally up the monthly expenses it takes to run your business. Let's say $1,000

Step 2 Write down how much money you need/want to profit every month. Let's say $2,000

Step 3 Add the two together for your gross total of the month.... In our example that is $3,000

Write down how many clients you can comfortably handle every month without getting too stressed out... let's say 3 for our business example.

Step 4 Now divide the gross amount $3,000 ( in our example) and divide it by the number of clients to get what you need to charge each client to hit your goal

In our example.... you would need to charge $1,000 from each client. There are variables of course, the realistic thing is setting sensible goals, and not undercharging yourself

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