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Facebook Video

Looking to make a Facebook video for your product or service?

Here's a helpful guide with some very helpful tips!

Create your videos vertical

Vertical videos outperformed landscape videos in terms of engagement and reach especially on mobile devices.

92% of Facebook users use Facebook on their mobile devices everyday.

Catch people attention within the first 3 minutes.

Use a custom thumbnail for your video. A custom logo is eye catching!

Add captions on your video. Many people don't have their sound up on their devices, also scrolling text engages people to read your message.

Focus on your message..... use 1 main point to selling or explaining so the viewer understands what your offering. By being clear, your ad video can be more easily linked

to your sales page.

Upload your video directly to Facebook.

Videos perform better than links to youtube, or vimeo

Use a descriptive title.... this will allow your video to be more easily searchable

Add a CTA- call to action.... make it easy for a viewer to proceed whether to receive a download or product purchase.

Embed Facebook videos on blog posts

To get the embed code, go to the video you would like to embed, click on the

drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the post and select "Embed".

More to come on tracking your Facebook ads for performance.

Selecting your video audience.

This may seem like a lot to know... I'm here in this way to help you better understand the process of creating successful facebook ads.

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