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Drive traffic to your web video

You've made a video about your product or service, so how do you drive people to see it and take a call to action?

It's about marketing and promotion.....

People need to know about it, and how to get to it.

There are numerous books and videos on marketing, but the simple approach is to drive traffic to your website using seo optimization.

however, this is a topic for further exploration... for a simpler approach

you can drive traffic to your web videos by using your own ideas to drive traffic, which by the way will help your search engine optimization ratings!

Join a facebook group and provide a link to your video, or create your

own facebook group

Facebook live is a great way to get views

tell people to watch or follow your youtube channel

comment on other people's social media posts

be diligent on posting blogs on your website

use messenger to enable people to get instant information through facebook or google... make yourself transparent as much as possible to reach

grow a email list through follow me and send send regular information to your subscribers.

start a video podcast, or video email

publish a free ebook or guide on Amazon to a call to action guide

ask for testimonials, referrals, feedback... that will help build your brands credibility

attend networking events, give out business cards... information helpful to

other business associates find information your videos....

driving people to your web videos will increase traffic and improve your seo

Video is a very powerful media to get attention and drive sales.

If a picture is worth 1000 words than a video is worth 1.8 million.(idea rocket)

Your video will boost engagement!

need help.... give me a call!

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