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Best web hosting video sites

Since most web sites limit you on the amount of video you can put on your website (bandwidth restriction) it's better to use a third-party

video platform.

I've put together a list of the 5 best video hosting platforms for 2020.

  1. YouTube - is free and is the largest on the internet. Cons is its basic embedding options, ads will automatically play unless you have plenty of videos already published

  2. Dailymotion- is also free and an option to make videos private. Cons are its a smaller audience, smaller max file sizes, and cannot download your videos without a third-party service

  3. Vimeo- is my favorite all in all. No ads, customizable video embeds, and ained at professionals. However its not free with a starting plan at $7.00 bucks a month

  4. Facebook-lower picture quality, good for creators looking to build an audience from scratch.

  5. WordPress: Jackpack -you can seamlessly enbed videos into your WordPress posts and pages, no ads, 100% customizable, create custom audiences... not free starting a $9.00 dollars a month

I'd recommend with a free site first and work up to a paid site as you grow your channel.

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